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A Space to Learn: Space as a Learning and Teaching Tool

16 AE
27.09.2023 9:00 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
28.09.2023 9:00 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
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27. September

There has been a steadily growing awareness of how research in the cognitive and social sciences draws attention to spaces in which learning happens following the publication “How People Learn” by the National Academy of Sciences.  Recent research indicates that, especially in education, “Design of space does matter.” Consequently, current architectural solutions are being challenged to comply with more active, creative, and transformative evolving cultures of learning.

Learning, as a complex, visible, social domain, ranges from formal to informal approaches, could be empowered by the academic institutions’ setting and the culture of a place.  Exploring the connection between education and space by creating an in-depth association with Evidence-based Practices will extend the notion of innovative learning settings as a teaching tool. 

Through a collaborative discussion, we will explore insights on how space influences, supports, and empowers:

  • Faculty and students as individuals and collectives
  • Varies  learning approaches as active and visual learning and thinking
  • Values and skills in education and working processes for the 21st Century as collaboration, creativity, communication, connectedness, and engagement
  • Actively engaged learners, collaborative learning culture, and learners’ activities, behaviors, and feelings

The engaged discussion and workshop will support educators and professionals who aim to act as change-makers in the student’s learning experience by including the “Where I teach and mentor” in the curriculum and gain tools to connect learning culture design to space design.


The work units are distributed among the areas as follows:

  • Teaching/Learning Planning & Curriculum Development – 8 units of instruction

  • Methods, Media & Digital – 4 units of instruction 

  • Evaluation, Reflection & Quality Development – 4 units of instruction

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Anat Mor-Avi

Anat Mor-Avi, Ph.D., is an experienced pedagogical architect, researcher, and artist affiliated with the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. For 25 years, Mor-Avi has focused on designing learning environments in the USA and Israel. Mor Avi holds a Ph.D. from IIT (2020), researching ways for architecture to immerse into the learning process and become an empowering, intelligent host for collaborative creativity and positive user experience. Today, Mor-Avi combines research and practice consulting K-12, higher education, and government institutions. She is also a principal investigator in a national R&D multidisciplinary research group exploring potential applied tools for empowering the dialogue between education and architecture.

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