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Activating Methods in Teaching

8 AE
23.10.2023 9:00 Uhr - 12:15 Uhr
27.10.2023 13:00 Uhr - 16:15 Uhr
  • HTW Dresden
  • TU Dresden
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23. Oktober

In the first part of the workshop, participants will learn about the higher education pyramid and how to plan activities and feedback assessments according to the chosen taxonomy. Participants will try out different activating methods for starting a module and a lecture, for delivering content and for getting feedback.The main idea of the second part of the workshop is to provide participants with the language they need to be able to give lectures in English. Language that helps lecturers structure their lectures and language that helps them interact better with students will be introduced. Analysis of texts and clips will be part of the workshop. The idea is to focus on the vocabulary used in the lectures, not the actual content - and of course it is always about activating the students. We will look at the introduction, the response to the students' assessment and the end of the lecture.



Day 1:

  • Introduction and Higher Education Pyramid
  • Method-Reader
  • Coffee Break
  • Activating methods for teaching content
  • Activating methods for obtaining feedback
  • 5-Finger Feedback

Day 2:

  • Course instructions
  • Video analysis
  • One-Minute-Paper
  • Coffee Break
  • Responding to students’ evaluation
  • Ending a lecture
  • Flashlight



The work units are distributed among the areas as follows:

  • Consulting, Guidance & Interaction – 4 units of instruction

  • Methods, Media & Digital - 4 units of instruction

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Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

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