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AI Writing Tools: Integration into teaching

4 AE
15.11.2023 13:00 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
  • TU Dresden | Fritz-Foerster-Bau
  • TU Dresden Schreibzentrum
  • Erweiterung (Modul 2)
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15. November

New developments in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the prominent example of ChatGPT, enable completely new applications in business, administration and society; in particular, new opportunities and challenges arise for teaching and studying. An active creative approach to Artificial Intelligence is thus increasingly becoming an essential competence for students and teachers.

The release of the AI system ChatGPT has shaken up teachers at schools and universities: The language model is able to provide answers to questions in natural language, for example when working on homework or solving exams. In this context, the handling of the models in the context of scientific writing is also becoming increasingly important. The workshop will deal with the constructive use of AI systems to support in the writing process (of students).


  • What are the competencies in the writing process and how can AI support and change the learning of these competencies?
  • How and for what purpose can students and teachers use AI productively in the writing process?
  • And how can problems and challenges be addressed?


Methods, Media & Digital – 4 units

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