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Basics of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (WiSe 23/24)
Module 1 – International

60 AE
04.09.2023 - 29.02.2024
25.09.2023 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
09.10.2023 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
06.11.2023 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
20.11.2023 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
04.12.2023 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
08.01.2024 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
22.01.2024 9:30 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr
  • Online-Veranstaltung
  • Geschäftsstelle der Hochschuldidaktik Sachsen
  • Grundlagen (Modul 1)
  • fachübergreifend
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04. September

Module 1 International (in English) – Basic Teaching Qualification in Higher Education is an offer of the Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Saxony (HDS). Focus will be lecture techniques, strategies for English as medium of instruction and the particularities of teaching and learning in an international context. The language of instruction will be English and the offer is an equivalent to the regular Module 1 of the HDS certificate programme. All other content and work units of Module 1 International correspond to the regular Module 1.



Between the online workshops there will be additional online and practical assignments (for example hosting and attending classroom observations).

Target Group

Module 1 International addresses both lecturers in higher education who possess prior knowledge of teaching an learning in higher education, as well those with no current knowledge of the subject. It is designed for those who

  • currently conduct lectures or classes in English, or are planning to use English in future lectures / classes
  • have an international background and will be lecturing or conducting classes at a university in Saxony for at least two semesters.

Admission Requirements

  • English proficiency B2 / C1 (CERF)
  • Actively teaching during the winter semester of 2023/24
  • At least one seminar, lecture or practice session held in English

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Geschäftsstelle der Hochschuldidaktik Sachsen


Sabine Strebel
Geschäftsstelle der Hochschuldidaktik Sachsen
0341 - 97 30016
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Dr. Silvia McCormack

Silvia completed her Doctorate (2013) at La Trobe University, Australia focussing on the efficiency measures in Higher Education and their effect on student assessment design. As Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University her tasks involved the development, promotion, implementation and evaluation of strategies to foster high-quality and innovative approaches to curriculum development and learning and teaching. Previous to that she managed the Monash University Foundation Year, a program for 2000 international students enrolled in in 5 South East Asian Colleges. Silvia quality assured and audited the delivery and assessment of the program. In 2020 the Higher Education Academy, UK awarded Silvia the Senior Fellowship in Higher Education. See Silvia’s publications here

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